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Clearwater, FL

Clearwater, FL

Home insulation in Clearwater will provide great benefits to all residents as you’ll be better able to regulate the temperature within your home as well as keeping the humidity at a comfortable level.

Attic insulation will help to separate your home into zones – a living area where it’s cool and comfortable, and the attic (where heat often collects) is separated. We install radiant barriers, solar attic fans, attic stairway insulators, and blown-in insulation.

To ensure the separation of the areas, blown in insulation keeps as much heat as possible above the level of your living space, while our attic stairway insulator plugs the holes where retractable attic staircases can allow heat to leak through.

Blown in insulation is a fiber glass product that is made of sand and glass with no added chemicals. It’s blown into the attic area filling all the gaps and is a highly efficient and environmentally friendly insulator, helping to keep your building at the temperature you desire.

Installing an attic fan will draw out heat and moisture from your attic space, lowering the ambient temperature of the rest of your living space. Solar attic fans are very popular as they keep the temperature of your home in Clearwater regulated while using energy that is generated direct from the sun.

This means there is no additional cost on your utility bills, and you’ll save money as your HVAC will have less work to do. As a further incentive, the solar tax credit currently allows homeowners in Clearwater to deduct up to 30% of the installation cost of a solar attic fan from their tax filing when making energy-efficient improvements to their homes. This means you can save money on your utility bills and on your tax bill at the same time!

Another option is to install a radiant barrier in Clearwater as an alternative or complement to a solar attic fan. A radiant barrier works by reflecting heat and solar energy away from your roof before it has chance to warm up the interior. Radiant barriers are a paint-like product that is applied to the underside of your roof and makes the interior temperature becomes much easier to regulate.

Insulation Plus of Tampa employs a team of highly trained and experienced insulation technicians who can advise you on the best upgrades for your home insulation. Call us today on 813-951-4374 and find out how we can insulate your home, keeping you cool and comfortable for many years to come.


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