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Plant City, FL

Plant City, FL

If you live in Plant City, you know how hot it gets most of the year! You might even find it uncomfortable in your own home both during the day and night due to the high temperature and humidity. The solution is simple – just install home insulation to help regulate the ambient temperature indoors without sending your HVAC into overdrive.

We specialize in attic insulation and install radiant barriers, solar attic fans, and other insulating products to keep the heat away from the main areas of your home. Our insulating products will help to reduce your utility costs while maintaining the temperature and humidity levels.

We can install an attic stairway insulator to prevent heat escaping from your attic via the joins where your retractable attic stairs meet the rest of the building, keeping the heat away from the rest of your home.

Blown in insulation is made from fiber glass and is installed by blowing it directly into the attic area. It’s highly efficient and environmentally-friendly (being made of sand and glass with no additional chemicals) and keeps the heat in the attic – away from your living area.

These methods keep heat up above and installing an attic fan will help to keep the temperature of your home in Plant City regulated. The most popular style of attic fan is the solar attic fan which is powered by the sun. This makes it free to run while it draws out heat and moisture from your attic space.

The solar tax credit currently allows homeowners in Plant City to deduct up to 30% of the installation cost of a solar attic fan from their tax filing, which makes a solar attic fan a super value.

We also install radiant barriers which work by reflecting heat and solar energy away from your roof. This is before they have chance to penetrate the interior of the building and heat it up, tackling the problem at the source.

When the ambient temperature of your home is lowered, the amount of energy required by your HVAC system is also lowered.

Our expert team of highly trained insulation technicians at Insulation Plus of Tampa are ready to assist you in all your insulation needs. We’ll be able to advise you on the best solutions for your home, so make sure you call us today on 813-951-4374 and to find out how we can help you become better insulated than you’ve ever been.


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