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Radiant Barrier Tampa

Radiant barrier insulation works to redirect heat and solar radiation away from homes before it can penetrate through their roof. When you have Insulation Plus of Tampa work on your home, it means receiving a straightforward solution.

Our Radiant Barrier insulation works similarly to your car’s windshield foil shade, allowing you to keep the interior of your car cooler.

We install HeatBloc Ultra Radiant Barrier as we find it performs better than most other brands of insulation materials. Best of all, we can offer our installation services at lower pricing, helping you enjoy a comfortable house all year long.

When you need an affordable home improvement project that continues to get results, you can call on us for installations. See why more homeowners throughout the Tampa, Florida, community continue to choose us for their insulation and lowered utility bills.

Insulation Plus of Tampa installs HeatBloc Ultra Spray Radiant Barrier in Hillsborough, Pinellas, Pasco, Polk, Sarasota, Manatee, Charlotte, Hernando and Citrus Counties and Surrounding Areas

Radiant Barrier Reflects Heat Away From Your Home Lowering Attic Temperatures and Energy Bills

Tampa Radiant Barrier

The way that radiant barrier insulation works remain similar to that of glass tinting film that also provides reflective properties. By allowing UV radiation, heat, and sunlight to get redirected away, you can prevent higher temperatures from occurring in attics.

The radiant barrier is sprayed on to the backside of your roof decking in your attic. It performs all day long, reflecting most of the solar rays striking your roof, thus reducing heat build-up in your attic and increasing your comfort levels. Your attic areas will remain cooler, more comfortable, and prevent energy loss.

Best of all, you can combine this application with other products we offer, such as our Fiber Glass Blowing Insulation, solar-powered attic fans, and attic stairway insulators. Begin sealing off your home from more sources of energy loss and see the difference we can make for you.

Why Radiant Barrier Products?

When the sun rises, its light hits any surface like a laser beam, instantly bringing the temperature up which keeps increasing during the daylight hours. The air remains hot once it gets trapped in confined spaces.

Your attic quickly becomes an oven once the morning sun rises, and it continues to cook until it sets again. By reflecting more penetrative light, heat, and solar radiation, you can avoid higher temperatures and rising utility costs every day.

Our systems blocks most of the undesired radiant heat from entering your attic, delivering lasting results and comfort.

When you’re looking for way to save on energy costs, contact us today. We provide a straightforward installation more area homeowners rely on for a more comfortable place to live all year long.

Why We Use HeatBloc Ultra Radiant Barrier

  • Substantially Lowers Your Energy Bills
  • Improved Home Comfort Levels
  • Radiant Barrier is Ideal for Hot Climate
  • Low Cost
  • Long Term Results
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Lowers Attic Temperatures
  • Extends HVAC life
  • Increases Property Value
  • Will NOT Block Cell Phone Reception
  • Blocks 82% of Radiant Heat

Radiant Barrier Sarasota FL

Our preferred radiant barrier offers the lowest e-factor of all spray-applied radiant barriers, coming in at .18. We apply even coats to protect surfaces, creating a superior radiant barrier that prevents 82% of heat transfer inside attics. Because the radiant barrier stays non-conductive, it will not interfere with attic mounted antennas or cell phone reception.

HeatBloc Ultra performs like a reflective shield keeping your attic cooler.

Radiant Barrier Pinellas County FL

Have you ever seen your cracked dashboards and leather seats when entering vehicles? The sun's severe radiant heat causes that damage.

When the solar rays reach an object, it creates radiant heat. Have you sat down on leather seats in cars that have been sitting out in the sun during the summer? It burns when you sit down or touch seat belts, right? That is because the sun's radiant heat continues building inside cars.

That same heat penetrates your attic when the sun's rays hit your roof. Radiant heat gets created, and your attic becomes unbearably hot!

When you install radiant barriers in your home, you are creating an attic heat cover. The sun gets reflected away, allowing your attic to stay cooler every day.

When your attic remains comfortable, your HVAC system operates less, saving you more money every month! Radiant Barrier remains a great way to lower energy bills and keep your home more comfortable.

Give Insulation Plus of Tampa a call today to see how we can help your home stay energy efficient.

An Unbelievable 30% Difference

Radiant Barrier Difference | Insulation Plus of Tampa

Roof deck sprayed with Radiant Barrier with a small square left exposed.

Radiant Barrier Difference | Insulation Plus of Tampa

Infrared of same area showing heat transfer through the exposed area (red).

How does Heatbloc Ultra Radiant Barrier Work?

Our radiant barrier is applied to the underside of the roof decking. Applying a  coat to these surfaces creates an effective radiant heat barrier that will block over 82% of potential radiant heat transfer into the attic. Our radiant barrier works like a reflective shield, keeping your home cooler. It is a liquid sprayed on and is a breathable film that will not contribute to moisture retention. By applying the barrier directly to the roof decking there is no loss of ventilation, unlike rolled foils draped across the attic.

Radiant Barrier Image | Insulation Plus of Tampa


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